Say Goodbye to Your Stubborn Stump

Say Goodbye to Your Stubborn Stump

Take advantage of stump grinding services in Boise, ID

Stumps in your yard can create tripping hazards and take up valuable yard space. Let Outdoor Solutions, Inc. help you remove them. We provide stump excavation and grinding services for customers in Boise, ID. Our crew will grind your stump and make it look like nothing was ever there. Once your stump is gone, you'll have more yard space to enjoy.

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Don't let your stump become a hot spot for weeds

Another consequence of having a stump in your yard is that some tree species can sprout new growth. When you hire us for stump excavation services, we'll remove your stump and also:

  • Check to see if harmful plants have sprouted around the stump
  • Make sure that your yard is completely clear
  • Clean up and leave your yard looking spotless and stump-free
Ask us any questions about the benefits of stump grinding services for your yard when you speak with us today.